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The Chocolate Diet is a weight loss plan that involves eating chocolate to lose weight. Does it work?

The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Now, I hate to burst your bubble, but nothing and I mean nothing will replace exercise. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. The best way to do this is with a diet that although burns more calories than others, will still allow you to eat chocolate.

This Chocolate Diet has been around for many years

It’s been called many different names, and my personal favorite is the Cacao Diet. If this is the diet you are looking for, let’s move on.

The reason why people are so interested in the chocolate diet is that it works. There are several positive accomplishments to weight loss and a toned body. As major as these accomplishments may seem today, they are still pretty unbelievable to me as a person.

Notice how weight loss has been compared to muscle development? By the time I am at my maximum skeletal-fold and looking incredibly ripped, all of the muscle definition in my body will be gone. This weight loss gives me the strength I have to do a mountain climbing trip — something I would not have been able to do without running, and certainly not without eating chocolate.

Is this true? Of course, it is. You cannot eat chocolate, because the process is quite different if you are a bodybuilder, but you can eat chocolate as a dieter. The process of building muscle is the same as eating chocolate. If you eat enough chocolate, you can build a toned body. If you eat more chocolate you will become super skinny.

Weight loss is not the end of the world; it is something you have to work at, just like developing your muscles. The body uses sugar first; then your body uses carbs, and then it uses fat for energy. By focusing on healthy natural organic chocolate and a healthy diet, you can lose weight and keep it off.

When people want to lose weight they, sometimes, will wake up one morning with a big belly. They hate this, and they wish they could feel as defined as a panther. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the value of being super thin is put ahead of the value of being healthy. This has lead to a culture of laziness. People are so desperate for instant gratification that they will take pills and other dangerous measures to lose weight.

One recipe for real weight loss is eating a healthy breakfast

This may seem like a boring tip, but it is very nutritious and could be considered another weapon in the fight against fat. People tend to eat a breakfast that is not quite good for their bodies. A simple cold and running water with toasted cinnamon wanting in the morning is better than nothing. It is a good start to the day.

Not only that, but studies have shown that those who eat healthily early in the day do not eat as much during the rest of the day. This eating plan also tends to help people of all ages. Of course, it is key for a person to eat the right kind of chocolate, in the right quantities and at the right time of day.

A healthy and nutritious breakfast should provide your body with six to eleven grams of good carbohydrates (carbs). We, unfortunately, eat a lot of processed carbohydrates, and of course, there is a downside to eating so much processed food — bad fat or not.

A truly healthy breakfast should be more like old fashioned oats- Granola with a spoonful of raisins, a half of a sliced apple, and maybe a sprinkle of Cinnamon. This includes the Cinnamon sugar-free HUD Natural Sweetener. Here is the exact recipe:

  • Two cups of raw unfrozen almond meal
  • ½ cup of almonds, finely chopped
  • 1/4 cup of dried blueberries
  • ½ cup of coconut unsweetened
  • Six to eight cherries, chopped
  • 1/4 cup of shredded whey protein
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of carob
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ½ cup of pecans

Just mix all the ingredients in a small bowl and enjoy. This is a great way to meet your daily protein needs and will soon give you an energy boost. Studies have shown whey protein to have more healing powers when compared to other proteins and carbs.

I wanted to get into my skinny jeans again the other night. I made sure I had a good-sized belt for my man “Fattyty”. We all know that those jeans are really hard to button up, and after wearing them a couple of times, I felt they were holding me up a bit. They were also really snug on me. (That’s not a good sign for men, I know.) So I had a great idea; why not eat a chocolate bar. Only I know it’s against the rules to eat white things. According to Dr. Joel Wallach, the head nutritionist for the American Dietetic Association, it’s OK to eat a little chocolate every day if one wants to lose weight.

Quick tips to remember about Dieting

I didn’t want to get on the so-called circular diet, (almost all of them are a bit circular.) I didn’t want very strict guidelines, so I decided to go a little freer with the ideas of 16 Dumb Dieting Tips:

Most of these are common-sense pointers, but it was good to get away from official so-called “solutions” and eat crazy stuff. weird, but true. (Although, I might have tried a fruit diet one time.) Who knows, I might have lost a few pounds by next week. Who knows. One thing’s for sure: it worked for me.

  1. Don’t eat repeating snacks. Never eat a bunch at one time; try snacking on fruits and veggies instead.
  2. Stay away from powdered juices and their stupid bars. According to toause magazine, a 25-year-old woman who drank an 8-ounce glass of grapefruit juice when she was hungry should avoid gaining weight because it’s a blood sugar booster. Grapes, on the other hand, have the opposite effect.
  3. A cup of coffee and a cigarette at 3- rough, or a cup of coffee and a cigarette at 5- hour, is another killer. sweet Pairings, and also liver and kidney problems make these things worse.
  4. Post-dinner goodies like muffins and toast in restaurants are not on the menu.
  5. Sweetened-baked cookies don’t count as exercise wear.
  6. Snacking isn’t cheating, and you can’t eat to satisfy your cravings.
  7. The difference between manhood and womanhood is eating, drinking, and doing other physical labor. Despite many of today’s diets, there are plenty of healthy ways to eat well, like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and more besides. Eating well is more of a lifestyle than a diet.
  8. The best beverage on the planet is water, and it’s the planet’s healthiest, cheapest, and safest drug. (Though I jest, there is caffeine in it, but it’s not as bad as cigarettes.)
  9. An insignificant snack is not a meal, and that’s what you want.
  10. When you want to cheat, do it! is to set specific rules like one cookie, one glass of wine, one tiny donut. Or set a specific time for that. Once you fail, you can try the next set of rules.
  11. Let your body guide you, not your mind. Your body needs exercise. You’ll need iron and vegetables.
  12. Did you know that belly fat potion exists? I do and can show you how to give it to it without the hassle of pills and such. (Though this won’t work for those who are sensitive to caffeine.)
  13. Variety gifted me while growing up. In this life, let me show you the real way to enjoy vegetables and exercise without getting bored. Well, I’m white and it’s a new life. I’ve grown thin and thin and learned to love food instead of regard it as a demon to be destroyed by me.
  14. Do you know when you’re full? No, you can’t tell when you’re full until after you’ve eaten a lot. Your organs must be able to calculate how much food is enough to satisfy you. Keep a food diary for at least the first few days so that you’ll know for sure.
  15. Take it from me, if you only eat one thing occasionally, it’s a banana. The energy gives the body is wonderful and easily counts for your daily vegetable requirement.
  16. Negative calorie foods don’t exist. Also, remember that if you’re eating unhealthy food, the body uses a lot more energy (calories) than it had before the meal is taken up in your stomach. So, all that excess food taken up needs to be frog- boiled or burned.


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