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When you’re starting a diet this can be one of the most daunting things you’ll have to do because you’re thinking about all of those calories you’re having to cut out. Those can be tough because you can cheat as well by eating some of that food that is high in calories you tend to avoid. However, I need to caution you here about some of the foods you have to watch out because they’re high in calories:

Now you won’t be able to eat anything that’s 1,000 calories or more in one day. What you need to do is spread those out, so you eat them over 7 days. By doing this you can still get the benefit of feeling full throughout the day. In addition to this if you add in the exercise you can burn more calories and add additional rockets to your fuel tank. This is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss program because you’re not having to cut out all of those foods that are high in calories, you can eat the same amount but just spread them out over the whole day. You can eat a cheat meal once every week, but for most of the week, you’re going to want to cut out all of the cheat meals.

Liquid calories

Another thing that you should watch out for is liquid calories. That’s another thing that people tend to get addicted to, and they don’t realize it, but the calories from the soda will immediately be consumed and processed like a withdraw from a drug addict. These types of calories are very quickly processed by the body and even better if you go to work in a fast-food restaurant you’re consuming a minimum of 150 calories per meal which is more than what you need in a day. Neither of these would be healthy for your body and even though people tend to eat this in the evening when you should be drinking water this is also a huge contributor to weight gain.

Don’t limit yourself to this and don’t become frustrated because you can eat some of these foods, just don’t eat them all the time. You can also use spices and herbs as a way to add flavor to your food instead of cheating and adding on a bunch of calories with big fat-laden meals.

Foods that you should avoid

Donuts, Desserts, and Ice Cream. By avoiding these foods you’re cutting out unwanted calories that could eventually cause you to gain weight. Another thing you want to avoid is eating a high-calorie meal following a workout. There’s no benefit to doing this because it will make you retain water, and your body will hate you. Oatmeal and whole wheat bread are a must in any diet, instead of eating ham, there are many other delicious and healthy alternatives that you can try. You need to focus on what you’re eating instead of looking at what other foods you’re stuffing your face with.

The bad foods that should be avoided are high-calorie foods, and the foods high in simple sugars like soda, cakes, and alcohol. These foods aren’t healthy and aren’t going to help get you closer to your goal.

The foods that should be added to your diet are healthy. Lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil, and peanut butter. Do you realize that the foods that should be avoided are fat-filled foods like chips, fries, baked goods, and deep-fried foods? This is extremely important because a high amount of these contain trans fat which is the worst type of fat that can be ingested into the body. If you’re only going to eat healthy foods try to avoid eating 2-3 servings in a day.

Just remember that you should always be careful what you eat because half of the time if you don’t buy the healthy alternative you might just be eating foods that are high in trans fat or saturated fat which can make it very difficult for you to lose any significant amount of weight.

If you have to eat foods that you have to stop snacking you just need to stay conscious about the foods you’re eating, and you might realize that the high-calorie foods that you’re eating are what is doing the damage.

You can also get some exercise, but exercise plays very little to do compared to the food you eat. In a way, you can think of exercise somewhat as mind over matter. The mind is what sets your body apart from itself and helps it to burn calories faster. That said you should also realize that muscle is much better for burning calories than fat is. There are billions of cells in the body that are made of protein instead of fat. Fat is a much metabolically active tissue that burns calories.

Remember this and use it to your advantage. It’s a very simple thing to do. And don’t forget to read my other posts:

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