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Body mass index, or BMI, is the standard measurement of a person’s height to weight ratio. This is a useful tool to notice obesity or being overweight. Body mass index was invented over 100 years ago in Europe by a Count Calculonrics, although he did not use the term “mass” in his formula. Although there are many variations and alterations to the method to calculate BMI today, most of them do not make it user-friendly to use on regular people. So in this article, we will focus on how to calculate your BMI the smart way.

To begin with

there are two formulas that you will use to calculate your BMI. The first one is the Bedgery Happiness Index Formula, and the second is the Body Mass Index Formula. Both are reliable formulas used by the medical discipline to measure if a person is obese or not. What you need to do is find your height in meters and then multiply it by itself. In this case, the result would be 703. Following this procedure, you can now divide your height by your height in centimeters to get your BMI result.

Here is what you need to do next. Using the body mass index formula, divide the result with your weight in kilograms. Using the formula for American units, divide the weight result by 703. Using the formula for Metric conversion, divide the weight result by that of 2. Love your BMI result!

You may be confused about why the formula first tries to calculate your body mass index using the English system while the formula using the metric system? There is a reason behind this. Because when people use the English units the result of the formula is not enough signs to indicate whether you are obese or not. So the resulting language should be either in pounds or in kilograms. Remember this rule of thumb to use this formula properly, either when using the English system or the metric system may be used.

After getting the right BMI result, several factors should be considered similarly. Factors include your age. Based on your age your body fat index must not exceed 24. Or, if it exceeds 24, then you must be obese and need to cut down your excess fat and weight. Even if your body mass index result is below 18, then you need to work out and be active. Using this formula in elderly people and women enables them to ignore calculating the body mass index result and concentrates on weight loss.

Men and women have a different amount of muscle

This is why men can cut down their weight in a faster way than women. Another fact about the body mass index is that it is not accurate depending on an individual’s race. People of the Asian race have the lowest body mass index result. This is because they have more muscles in their bodies than other peoples and their body fat are less than that of other people. The body mass index may also vary according to gender. In men, the muscle is more evident and takes more space in the body than in women.

To find the BMI amount appropriate for you, you will need to find out your height in meters and multiply it by itself. Using the example from earlier, if you are 70 centimeters (or 1.77 meters) tall then 70×1.77= 214½. This would give you a result of 170. fixes, in this case, you will not get the first 5 pounds overweight but 10. Lose the first 5 pounds and continue until you reach your ideal body mass index level. Just a word of caution, do not try to check the body mass index level by yourself. Your exact BMI will depend on your age. Avoid getting the BMI result too quickly.

BMI may look like a measuring stick used by doctors to measure the health concerns of people, but athletes, bodybuilders, and individuals with high levels of lean muscle can have a BMI result that is below 18. BMI does not account for the fat, bone, and muscle distribution around your body, but it does give you an idea of whether you are at a healthy level or not. BMI does not measure the distribution of fat in your body, but that doesn’t mean that you are not overweight. You can find out your body mass index in various ways. One of the best ways is through a visit to your doctor if you have one.

If you want a hassle-free way to calculate your body mass index, many websites offer the results you seek. You simply need a description to be able to look up your BMI online. This is a convenient method of finding your body mass index. Also, there are tools to calculate it for you. One of these free tools is the BMI calculator. BMI calculators may be found on many health websites. Remember, though, that BMI is just one of the four important variables to consider when you want to lose weight.

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